When was Acea established?

Acea was formed in 1909, when it was called AEM, Municipal Electricity Company of the Rome Municipality, and its goal was to provide electricity for public and private lighting.

When was the company listed on the stock exchange?

On 1 January 1998 ACEA became Acea Spa and on 16 July 1999 it was listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, by placing on the market 49% of its share capital.

What is Acea’s business in summary?

Acea is one of the major Italian multiutility operators. The company manages and develops water and electrical energy networks and environmental services.

What are Acea’s activities?

Integrated water services (water supply, sewage and water treatment), distribution and sale of electricity, production of energy especially from renewable sources, public and artistic lighting, disposal of and energy recovery from waste.

What is Acea 2.0?

Acea 2.0 is a digitalisation and technological development programme that is leading Acea towards a new production model in order to achieve further significant improvements, both in terms of operational efficiency and timely response to changes in the Italian utilities sector. In order to meet the need for data integrity, uniqueness and quality, Acea has selected the solutions offered by SAP (major worldwide player in management systems for Utilities).

How is Acea positioned in the scenario of Italian Utilities?

Acea is the first water service operator with 8.5 million residents served in Lazio, Tuscany, Umbria and Campania and it is among the leading players in the energy market with 10 billion kWh of electricity sold. It also ranks among the major players in electricity distribution with 11 TWh of electricity distributed and is the 6th operator in the Waste to Energy business with 770,000 tons of processed waste.

What is Acea’s ownership structure?

Acea SpA is listed on the Electronic Stock Market (MTA) organized and managed by Borsa Italiana. Roma Capitale is the majority shareholder, with 51% of the share capital. At 31.12.2015, other direct or indirect significant shareholders included the Caltagirone Group with a 15.9% stake, Suez (through Suez Italia) with a 12.5% stake, Norges Bank with a 2.0 % stake. The rest of the market holds 18.6% of the share capital.

Can you describe Acea’s 2016-2020 business plan?

The Business Plan confirms Acea’s focus on regulated activities, innovation, rationalization and efficiency of internal processes, and optimization of operational processes. More specifically, the corporate rationalization programme will contribute to further improve service quality and customer relations. Total capital expenditures of 2.4 billion euros are envisaged during the plan horizon, of which about 80% in the regulated businesses.

What were Acea’s operating results for the financial year 2015?

EBITDA of 732.0 million euros (717.7 million euros in 2014)
EBIT of 386.5 million euros (390.4 million euros in 2014)
Net profit of 175.0 million euros (162.5 million euros in 2014)
Capital expenditures of 428.9 million euros (318.5 million euros in 2014)
Net Financial Position at 31 December 2015 -2,010.1 million euros (down by 79.0 million euros compared to 2014 and by 120.7 million euros compared to 30 September 2015)

What dividend will be submitted to the Shareholders’ meeting for approval?

At its meeting on 11 March, Acea’s Board of Directors resolved to propose to the Shareholders' Meeting a dividend distribution for 2015 of 0.50 euros per share (59% payout, calculated on net profit before taking into account minority interests), up by over 11% compared to 2014.